Hobe Sound Florida Market Report ZIP Code 33455, Residential, September 2011

Hobe Sound Florida Market Report ZIP Code 33455 – Residential, September 2011


Hobe Sound Real Estate Snapshot for ZIP Code 33455, Residential Sales for September 2011


For September, 2011 in the 33455 Zip Code area of Hobe Sound, Florida :



There are currently 348 active listings. ( Up 6 from August)

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48 Residential sales are pending and awaiting close or lender approval (Down 6 from August)

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21 Homes Sold in September (An decrease of 9 homes from last month)

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The Hobe Sound real estate market (ZIP Code 33455) had a disappointing September.  All indexes reversed course and moved in the wrong direction, though not by significant numbers.  Inventory was up, and both pending and closed sales were down.

This increase in inventory may also be attributable to many sellers trying to time the market as well as a reaction from recent relatively good sales for the past spring and summer season.  Most efforts to time the market, especially when made in relatively large numbers become self-defeating as in this trying market, this increase in inventory may just drive the market a bit lower.

However, for buyers, especially for those who can obtain financing, there hasn’t been a more attractive real estate market in decades.  There are some savvy buyers getting excellent deals for homes at prices equivalent to 10 or 11 years ago.

This will be an interesting season to watch!


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Hobe Sound Florida Market Report ZIP Code 33455 – Residential, September 2011

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