Tips for Applying for a Mortgage

Tips for Applying for a Mortgage

How To Apply

In recent years the loan application process has been greatly simplified, however proper information from borrowers is still required. Most lenders today are looking for fully-documented loan applications. This may sound intimidating, however it’s not a big deal. Just take these steps:

  • At least three months BEFORE you finance or refinance real estate get a copy of your credit report. The reason to do this is to check and see if there’s any information on your credit report which is factually incorrect or out-of-date (most negative items can stay on a credit report for seven years, 10 years for a bankruptcy). If you start looking at your credit report three months ahead you should have some time to correct errors. You can get a free credit report with no strings attached by going to
  • Get your paperwork in order. Have in hand your last three pay stubs, your last three tax returns, and statements for all savings and checking account, mutual funds, retirement accounts, credit cards, student loans, car loans, etc. Make a file and stick the paperwork in it. You want to show ALL income and you must show ALL debts. When in doubt add it to the file.
  • Ask some questions: Do you expect to receive “bonus” income now or in the future? Do you expect to receive “overtime” income now or in the future Will “other” income in addition to your salary continue at current levels? If you own your home and use it as a prime residence, what’s the estimated fair market value? What’s the value of all financing now secured by your current home if you’re refinancing?

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