Small Things You Can Do to Start Green Living

Small Things You Can Do to Start Green Living


Green Earth

Every day, more people are becoming aware of the increasing list of environmental issues and its looming implications in our lives. In fact, according to a Pew Research Center survey done in 2017, 74% of American adults support the protection of the environment. In another study done by Southern Cross University, 77% of Americans (and Australians) want to live more sustainably.

The statistics look promising. That said, we could expect that people will spur to switch to greener alternatives, right? Sadly, no. Support is far different from action. There could be a number of reasons why most households don’t opt for a greener lifestyle. And one of these reasons? They think going green is expensive!

Now, what if we tell you that living green doesn’t mean an overhaul of your lifestyle? What you need is a bit of lifestyle tweak here and there. Here are some you could follow.

Going online


Tired of going to payment outlets for your bills? Why not do yourself and the environment a favor by paying it online instead?

Doing so can save you 6.6 pounds of paper and 171 pounds worth of greenhouse gas emissions. All at the convenience at your home.

It may not sound much, but, compounded, that means much lesser fuel being burned for delivering papers and much fewer trees cut for making bills.

Eating leftovers


We understand that your leftover doesn’t look as appetizing as it was last night for dinner, but it still deserves something better than going straight to the trash.

Most of the trash we have end up in landfills, where organic and synthetic wastes are dumped with reckless abandon.

Instead of throwing leftovers away, try to pop it in the microwave for reheating. You’re not only doing the environment a favor, but you’re also saving more of your resources and time trying to make breakfast.

Line dry your clothes

clothes line

Line drying your clothes may be considered as an old-fashioned eyesore, but it delivers more pros than cons compared to your drying machine.

Choosing to air-dry your clothes significantly reduces your regular household’s carbon footprint by 2,400 pounds a year! This saves you a good amount of cash while making some nice contribution for the environment.

Needing more reason than that? The tumbling and whirling of the machine hastens the wearing down of clothes and could cause irreversible damage. Line drying, on the other hand, is gentler on clothing. Additionally, leaving your laundry to dry out under the sun helps eliminate strong odors from your clothes.

Bring reusable bags to the grocery store

reuseable bag

This is basic green living 101, but how many of you could say that you bring reusable bags when doing groceries?

In case you still need a reason to get one, reusable bags are way more fashionable, much easier to carry, and much better for the environment compared to plastic or paper bags.

You see, going green doesn’t mean you should spend a fortune. Just making these simple, tiny changes are enough to help the environment. So, what’s stopping you now?

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Small Things You Can Do to Start Green Living

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