Florida Townhouses and Condos Sales 2021 Yearly Review

Florida Townhouses and Condos Sales 2021 Yearly Review

The Florida Townhouses and Condos Sales for 2021 showed stronger sales results from last year.  Though most of the improved results were during the first half of the year. During the late summer and fall, the market experienced an unprecedented shortage of homes for sale which has negatively affected sales volume. Year to year closed sales were up by 34.2% as compared to 2020 which saw an increase of 2.5% and new sales under contract (new pending sales) increased by 29.2% (2020 saw an increase of 6.2%).

Florida Townhouse and Condo Sales 2021 Yearly Review
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Both median and average sales prices were up (year to year) by 17.2% and 26.4% respectively (2020 numbers were 12.0% and 10.9%).  A considerably higher rate of increase than for the previous year.

Inventory decreased by 57.4% as compared to 2020’s decrease of 18.3%. And, the supply of properties dropped to 1.3 months as compared to 4.2 months for 2020.  Remaining in a sellers’ market for Florida townhouses and condos.

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Townhouses and Condos Sales in Florida for 2021

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Florida Townhouses and Condos Sales 2021 Yearly Review

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