How to Manage Moving for a Home-Based Business

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How to Manage Moving for a Home-Based Business

Do you have plans to start a home-based business? Are you ready to move forward and know that means you need a new house? If your current place does not have the ideal setup, moving is often the best bet for making your dream a reality. Yet this can be a challenging proposition when you’re also trying to build a business. Make your journey easier, starting with these tips courtesy of Stuart Florida Real Estate:

Choose a Great Space

Moving into a new place begins with a smart housing search. List the essential elements you need to run your organization efficiently and note how much space you require for your specific operation. This process helps you refine your new house requirements, giving your realtor the information needed to find the right place for you.

In addition to a quiet workspace separate from your household distractions, consider other possible needs as well:

  • Will you need storage space for supplies?
  • Does your operation require a workshop area?
  • Do you have large equipment?
  • Will customers visit your home office?
  • Would an expanded driveway help with receiving customers and deliveries?
  • Do you need a conference area or waiting room?

Having a clear plan for your business and its expansion will help speed up the home-buying process. You’ll be able to look at homes with an eye towards design possibilities that mesh with your ideas. Purchasing a new property that fits your vision helps ensure your business growth and your work-life balance goals.

Know the Laws Regarding Your Home-Based Company

As the Houston Chronicle explains, it’s important to learn about the local zoning laws in the South Florida neighborhoods you are considering for your new home. Some residential areas have restrictions on home-based operations to protect residents from things like excessive traffic and noise. Find out if there are employee limits, parking regulations or other rules that may inhibit your ability to run your operation smoothly.

Make sure the area of your new house permits your type of business. Various laws concerning specific industries and home-based companies may or may not work for your organization. For example, you may be able to have a home office but not have the ability to meet clients there. You could plan to meet customers at a coffee shop or other public place in this situation, or you may want to look at houses in a different area.

Set Up Your Business Entity

As you change locations and address various legal concerns, it’s an important time to evaluate your legal business structure. Make your organization a legal operation by determining its legal structure. As Business News Daily explains, a limited liability company has many benefits for home-based business owners:

  • Tax advantages result from using your home as your principal place of business.
  • Limited liability benefits you by safeguarding your personal assets. As an LLC owner, only your professional assets are at risk from lawsuits. A sole proprietorship cannot protect your personal belongings from claims.
  • An LLC provides a flexible structure. You can modify the operating agreement as your needs change, giving you more options. Corporate laws dictate management structure and are sometimes challenging for small companies.
  • Forming an LLC is a straightforward process that requires minimal paperwork. You can even use a formation service to help you set it up to avoid expensive lawyer fees.

Each state has different laws regarding an LLC formation, so be sure to research and understand your area’s regulations before moving forward in the process to avoid potential penalties or legal issues in the future.

Rely on Professionals

Your real estate agent is a key player in making this dream a reality, but there are other pros who can help you with this transition, too. For example, a professional organizer can help you configure your best workflow, an architect can assist with major home alterations, and a professional moving company can tackle the grunt work involved with packing, moving and unpacking. Don’t hesitate to turn to those whose expertise is perfectly suited to alleviating your various burdens!

With the proper planning, knowledge and adequate, professional workspace, you can enjoy the many advantages of moving into a property that supports your home-based business. However, the moving part can be tough! Be sure to make thorough plans, address legal concerns, and turn to the professionals that can help you through the process—and that begins with contacting Stuart Florida Real Estate for their insights and expertise into the housing market!

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