Open House in Sewalls Point on Sunday

Open House in Sewalls Point on Sunday

Sewalls Point, Sewall’s Point – We invite everyone to visit our open house at 3 Quail Run Ln. on October 21 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

Property information


Remember playing “Monopoly”? “Do not collect $200!” became a household phrase. Sometimes, towards the end of the game, you might have sold a property to another player for half-price just to raise some cash.

In real life, you would never accept half-price for your home – or would you? What if you owed $88,000 on a home you wanted to sell for $100,000? Now what if a prospective buyer offers to buy it at a discount of 6% off the asking price? Although you would like to receive full asking price, you accept. You’ve just sold your house for half price!

How’s that? Your equity – the difference between the sale price and what you owe – is what you receive at closing. It can easily slip through your fingers at the hands of a buyer who is good at negotiation.

Allowing that 6% discount ($6,000), you are selling for a price of $94,000 while you still owe $88,000. That means you will receive $6,000 cash in hand at closing rather than the $12,000 you had anticipated – half price!

Perhaps the most valuable role we play as your Stuart Florida real estate agents is that of negotiator. When we list your home, you empower the team of the Gabe Sanders real estate team to represent you in any negotiations that take place. Expect the best from us and reap the financial rewards.

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Is it really a good time to buy a home in Stuart, Florida now?

As in most real estate related decisions, the answer is ‘it depends’. Most Realtors, like myself, are currently saying yes. One big factor in that answer is that the market has slowed and many Realtors are looking for business. So, let’s just ignore any possible personal motivations and look at the current conditions. The following current conditions are for the local market in Martin County, FL (including Stuart, Jensen Beach, Palm City, Hobe Sound and Hutchinson Island). Some of the following may apply to your area, but real estate is very local and conditions can be very different (sometimes even within certain towns and neighborhoods). For instance, Port St. Lucie, right next door to Stuart has completely different market dynamics and it would be a mistake to treat Saint Lucie and Martin Counties the same.

So, is it a good time to buy or not? It is not a good time if home prices are going down. And currently in most segments of the market in Stuart, prices are still declining. How long will it last? No one knows for sure, but our best guess is currently another 12 to 18 months. But prices aren’t the only factor in owning a home.

Mortgage rates and availability is a big factor of home ownership. We feel that rates will be going up in the future and this might make it less affordable to buy later than buying today. If you’re able to pay cash for a home with no financing, you may very well be better off by waiting a while.

Availability of homes. Our inventory in Martin County remains quite high by historical standards, but has been more or less steady for the past 11 months. This is a strong leading indicator that as prices continue to soften, inventory will gradually decline. Our current inventory of single family homes is around 2800. If you’re in the market for a specific neighborhood or area and have specific requirements, there is no guarantee that the home that fits you best will be available in six months or a year. Martin County is a limited growth area with not very much new construction coming on line, and where the new construction is, may not be where you want to be. So with a good choice of inventory at present, if a home is available that meets your needs, that same or similar home, neighborhood, etc, may very well not be available in the future. (I have clients now, that can’t find a home in the neighborhood of their choice for any price.)

So, is it a good time to buy? ‘It depends on your criteria and financial status’. If you’re thinking of making a move to or within Stuart – Martin County, Florida, give me or my partner, , a call or contact us from our web sites at or and we’ll let you know what and when can be the right time for you.

Homes for sale in the Pines, Jensen Beach, FL

Spacious Estate Home

3001 NW Windemere Drive, Jensen Beach, FL 34957

Enjoy life in real “Florida-Style” in this spacious family home with room for everyone. Three separate bedroom wings offer maximum privacy. There is a cozy sitting room off the master bedroom. A huge 14′ x 18′ “bonus” room (5th bedroom!) upstairs shares space adjacent to a 12′ x 22′ bedroom & bath. The heated self-cleaning pool provides hours of fun & relaxation as does the spa. All are enclosed in a 60 ft. screened patio. There is an outdoor shower as well. Surround sound system provides musical enjoyment and a 13′ x 22′ covered lanai offers a perfect retreat on a rainy day. The irrigation system uses reclaimed water & the rear area of the house has accordion shutters. The Pines is located between the new High School and charming downtown Jensen.


Asking Price:



Sq. Feet:


Lot Size:






# of Floors:


HOA/Maintenance Fees:


Garage Size:



The Pines

Year Built:


Property Amenities

    – Range/Oven
    – Sink Disposal
    – Full Refrigerator
    – Microwave
    – Washer/Dryer
    – Dishwasher
    – Kitchen Island
    – Vaulted Ceilings
    – Deck

    – Grass Lawn
    – Yard
    – Swimming Pool
    – Jacuzzi/Whirlpool
    – Secluded Setting
    – Central A/C
    – Central Heat
    – Walk-in closet

    – Tile floor
    – Family room
    – Living room
    – Bonus/rec room
    – Office/den
    – Dining Room
    – Breakfast nook
    – Laundry area – inside

Community Amenities

    – Basketball court

    – Lake

    – High-speed Internet

Contact Info

Gabe Sanders &

Main 772-287-1777 Ext 242

Cell 772-323-6996

Dir 772-323-6996

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What type of contract should you use for your sale/purchase?

In Florida, we have two basic types of contracts that are used almost universally. They are the ‘Standard’ and the ‘As-Is’ contract. The biggest difference in the two types of contracts is that the standard contract has built in settlement provisions for repairs and/or wood destroying organisms (WDO), while the as is contract does not.

Most sellers seem to like the As-Is contract as they feel that there will not be any surprise problems or reductions in price if an inspection discovers any possible problems. Unfortunately they couldn’t be more wrong. Whether there are problems or not during the inspection, the buyer has the right to negotiate what he wants for repairs or just cancel the contract all together for no reason whatever. However using the standard contract, a buyer is limited in his options to withdraw from a contract. The Florida standard is a 1.5% allowance for damage and another 1.5% for WDO. (This can be modified in the contract to a smaller or larger value) There are set and specific criteria for these provisions and if the adjustments are under the agreed upon values the buyer is committed to going through with the purchase.

So, in this difficult market, if you are a seller, do you want to give a potential buyer an easy out to possibly save a maximum of 3% of your contract price, when in all likelihood even on the as-is contract these issues will come up and a re-negotiation will possibly decrease the sales price or even jeopardize the sale. Many sellers today are insisting on the as-is contract and I feel they are making a big mistake.

If the buyer submits an as-is offer, it is possible in negotiations to counter with a standard contract. This can make the difference between a successful sale or an exercise in futility. The negotiations can get complicated and the advice of a professional is highly recommended.

If you have any questions about Florida real estate contracts or standards, please feel free to call me at contact me here. Or, feel free to browse my websites for information at .