Buying A Treasure Coast Florida Home – Get Serious and Do It Right !

Buying A Treasure Coast Florida Home – Get Serious and Do It Right !

Want to see homes on the Treasure Coast of Florida that are exactly what you can afford?  Want the best possible terms for your mortgage?  Want to show sellers that you’re serious and capable?  Then start with pre-approval, from several lenders.

Forget about “pre-qualification” – that’s just a quick ballpark figure the banks will offer without even checking your credit history.  “Pre-approval,” on the other hand, produces a Treasure Coast Florida Homes pre-approvalGood Faith Estimate, which spells out the terms of your loan, like interest rate, loan type (fixed rate, adjustable, etc.), and closing costs.

You’ll have to provide documentation (bank statements, pay stubs, W-2’s, etc.) and the lender will check your credit report, but this extra work will give you a much firmer idea of what you can afford, as well as give you a powerful tool for making an offer and negotiating your purchase.

If you’re serious about maximizing your investment on Florida’s Treasure Coast, don’t get just one letter of pre-approval.  Apply with several lenders, because little things like the interest rate can make a huge difference when it comes to such a large amount.  Don’t just accept the first offer.  Make the banks compete, and you could save thousands by comparing their terms.

Banks won’t guarantee the loan until you’ve made an offer and the appraisal and title work have been approved, but you can’t go wrong by doing your loan search before your home search.

Buying A Treasure Coast Florida Home – Get Serious and Do It Right !

The Long and Short of It!

You’ve been reading negative stories about the housing market, and while some are experiencing a slowdown, it’s still no reason to keep you from pursuing the American Dream.

Anyone who’s watched the industry for the last thirty years will tell you that it’s a natural cycle, much like the adjustments the stock market experiences. All’s well that ends well after a period of time passes.

Remember that housing is a long-term investment. Some people tried to create high yields over the short term, and that’s part of the reason so many markets are experiencing readjustments now.

Regardless of whether housing is up or down, individuals and families will always have a need to buy or sell. Home sales last year actually surpassed those of five years ago, which was another record year. Interest rates and prices are at historical lows, creating an excellent atmosphere for qualified buyers.

When reading the gloom and doom about foreclosures, it’s important to keep the reports in perspective. Most defaults are associated with sub-prime loans, which account for less than 10% of all mortgages. Of those, only 0.6% are currently in foreclosure.

Now is the time to turn to the advice and guidance of a trusted local real estate professional, whether you’re buying or selling. Keep a level head and take advantage of positive forces in the current housing market.

If you’re considering purchasing a home, the Gabe Sanders real estate team are your local resource and are intimately familiar with the current market. Feel free to ask us what’s happening in real estate on the Treasure Coast today at (772) 323-6996 or visit us on the web at or Our office is located at 1121 SE Ocean Blvd. in Stuart, Florida (Sewall’s Point)


While the pundits determine whether the real estate market is plunging or recovering, buyers are in the unique position of looking at a glass that is half full, not half empty. When sales are slow, that’s actually a good thing for qualified buyers, and there has not been a better time to consider finally purchasing a new home or even that vacation home.

A home is not a short-term investment, like those that have been “flipped” in recent years. Your home is meant to be a long-term investment that pays big dividends not only in appreciation, but also in recreation and great family memories.

Today’s market allows you to take more time to do your research and make your decision. Start by connecting with a real estate agent in the area you’re interested in, and have them watch that market like a hawk to alert you to possible buying opportunities.

Don’t focus on what the market is doing now… look ahead and consider the value of your purchase several years from now. Because real estate appreciates in the long run, most likely you can buy more of a home now than you could further down the line.

Property is still a terrific long-term investment, regardless of current market conditions. Knowing that you can always rent your second home might just prove to be a great strategy for making home ownership a real possibility!

If you’re considering purchasing a home, but feel ‘out of touch’ with what’s happening in real estate give us a call today at (772) 323-6996 or visit us on the web at or Our office is located at 1121 SE Ocean Blvd. in Stuart, Florida (Sewall’s Point); please ask for Gabe Sanders or .

Choosing a REALTOR®!

Are you aware that over two million people in the United States have real estate licenses? With that many practitioners, the seed quickly separates from the chaff, with a small percentage rising to the top in quality service to buyers and sellers.

As you consider the mountains of documentation, financing, negotiating, marketing, inspections and the like, where would you begin to locate the agent best suited to your needs? It makes sense to start at home, with those individuals who participate in neighborhood organizations, local government, charities, etc.

It makes sense to work with someone who is active within and knowledgeable about the local community. More information for your choice of representative can be found through open houses, advertising, and referrals and recommendations from other agents, neighbors, and local business leaders.

Once you’ve interviewed and selected a real estate agent, make sure your relationship is clearly defined and documented. Some agents represent sellers, while others exclusively represent buyers. Make sure your representative explains how he or she works with all parties to the transaction, and provides a complete “agency disclosure” to document your relationship.

Then your agent will begin discussion of local market conditions and how they come to bear upon your listing or your purchase. A carefully selected representative from your community will provide all the information you need to move forward with confidence.

If you need information to help you solve a real estate puzzle, call us at (772) 323-6996, or visit us on the web at or We’ll be happy to share our knowledge with you at no cost or obligation, and if we aren’t sure of our answer we’ll direct you to the best Martin or Saint Lucie County resource. Our office is located at 1121 SE Ocean Blvd. in Stuart, (Sewall’s Point) Florida; please ask for Gabe Sanders or .

Home buying not always the best investment

Buying a home is often called the American dream. But for those who buy with a 3 percent down payment (or no down payment at all), it can be a poor proposition.

A Harvard University study of home sales in Philadelphia, Boston, Denver, and Chicago found that sellers of low-priced homes lost money up to 40 percent of the time once transaction costs were included.

Economists at Wellesley College say whether home ownership is a good or bad investment often depends on the time of purchase. The odds of taking a loss are higher if the seller bought after home prices had already risen and if the buyer stayed in the home for only a few years.

Regular investing in stocks and bonds could be a better alternative. Returns on housing tend to be lower than returns on stocks. The risk of losing money is high when most of a family’s wealth is tied up in a single asset. Factors to consider:

* When satisfactory rentals are not available, buying a family home could be the best option in any case.
* Owning a home can cost more than renting when house payments, taxes, insurance, and maintenance are considered.
* For those who don’t plan to stay in a home for seven years or more, the risk of losing money on a home sale is higher.
* Buyers may not benefit from the tax deduction for interest because their standard deduction is a better deal.
* Easy home-equity loans could mean little forced saving or equity building.
* Those who make a small down payment may pay higher mortgage interest rates and the cost of mortgage insurance.

Over time, buying a home can be a good wealth-building strategy. When housing prices rise, the owner benefits. But housing prices, like the stock market can be cyclical and often don’t rise very much in some areas, and many people don’t stay in a home long enough to build equity. Knowledge of local conditions is the key to making a successful real estate decision.

In the Stuart and Martin County areas, we are nearing or at the bottom of a correction and there are some very good opportunities for home buyers that plan to stay in their home for a number of years. For other areas on the Treasure Coast, please contact me and I can go through a list of options and probabilities for different action scenarios tailored individually for you.