When you’re buying a home, who do you think is the most important person in the transaction? YOU, of course! That doesn’t mean you won’t need experienced professionals for guidance and assistance, but quite frankly, if YOU choose not to buy, the entire process comes to a halt.

While home ownership is called the American Dream, it’s a shame that nobody teaches it in school. Most folks face the biggest purchase of their life without any experience. That’s why it’s critical for someone to help you understand everything that happens during the process, whether it’s your accountant, your banker, or your trusted real estate columnist!

Demand explanations to questions like how much home can you afford? How do you get the best loan? Do you choose a new home or a resale? Which properties will increase in value? Where do you begin?

Since YOU are in charge, take command of the situation, and surround yourself with a team of experts in every aspect of the transaction, all of whom can be coordinated by a local real estate agent.

Plan from the very beginning to educate yourself and approach your purchase with confidence and intelligence. Then you’ll be sure to find the home of your dreams and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ve made the right decisions all along. Flex those buying muscles!

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Both homeowners and real estate agents are best served when a home sells quickly for a good price. There are many steps both parties can take to achieve that goal, and a recent trend is proving its value: whether the local market is hot or cool, statistics reveal that a “Staged” home will sell faster and for a higher price.

This service is called Staging because it’s basically about “theater.” A professional Stager assesses your home’s strongest and weakest features, and creates a series of “scenes” sure to appeal to your “audience” of buyers.

There are four major areas of concern: cleanliness, openness, color, and… compromise. Cleaning your home seems obvious, but we’re talking about the White Glove treatment here – on every surface. Openness means a decided lack of clutter as well as arranging (or removing) furnishings to impart a sense of space.

The colors in your home and on its walls also convey this idea. Dark colors make a room seem smaller and light colors make it seem bigger. You get the idea.

But what about that “compromise” part? It simply means that we all understand that lack of time or budget makes it necessary to focus on those improvements that will have the biggest impact, and not sweat every little detail. Ask us for guidance and trust our instincts. We have the experience and know what is attractive to current buyers in our market in the Stuart, Florida area.

Understanding real estate dilemmas and their solutions is our business, and we’ll happily share our knowledge with you. Why not give Gabe Sanders or a call at (772) 323-6996 or come by the office at 1121 SE Ocean Blvd. in Stuart, (Sewalls Point) Florida. Or visit us on the web at or

Attacking bearer of bad tidings is a mistake

It’s called “shooting the messenger”, blaming the one who delivers bad news when the bearer actually had little or no control over the situation.

It doesn’t help, but a lot of us do it anyway. Management consultants say it gives us the feeling that we’re doing something about a situation when we’re not.

Some people are easier to blame than others, like waiters, customer-service people, and anyone who has to convey bad news about an insurance claim. These people usually aren’t responsible, but they get the blame anyway.

Customer service people may have to tell a customer about a delayed shipment or a denied refund. The problem is that they may be less qualified to explain a problem than someone who is actually involved, which can make the customer more hostile than before. It’s a mistake to have someone do a job you or someone else should be doing.

You know that it’s vital to be informed about problems as soon as they become evident. If you become known for terrible reactions to bad news, it’s more likely that people will try to cover up problems or handle them however they can. But without your input and skill, the problem can fester and become worse.

With the current real estate market many sellers insist that their home is worth a price just not attainable in the current market. More often than not, they allow their home’s listing to be bought by an inexperienced or unscrupulous agent that wants the listing regardless of price. So when an honest and good Realtor delivers the bad news, remember that not only is it poor form to get angry with the bearer of bad news, but knowing the truth and knowing it immediately is in your best interest.

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Affordable Home for sale in Stuart, Florida

• 1,450 sq. ft., 2 bath, 3 bdrm single story “New Roof” – MLS® #331814 $149,000 – Affordable Stuart home

Port Salerno, Martin County – Spacious and upgraded 3 Bedroom 2 Bath half duplex in south Stuart. Tiled living areas and large carpeted bedrooms with ample storage space. Preserve/Pond across the street for a very private feeling. Convenient location just south of Cove Rd and east of US1. New roof, newer AC and for your peace of mind a full 1 year AHS home warrantly will be included in the sale. Also offering 3% in sellers concessions.

Price Reduced on 2803 SE Birmingham Dr. in Lexington Lakes

Lexington Lakes, Stuart – Announcing a price reduction on 2803 SE Birmingham Dr., a 1,776 sq. ft., 2.5 bath, 3 bdrm townhouse “upgraded”. Now $215,000 – Excellent Opportunity. MLS® #330343