Price Reduced on 5070 SE Burning Tree Circle in Mariner Sands Golf Club, Stuart Florida

Mariner Sands, Stuart – Announcing a price reduction on 5070 SE Burning Tree Circle, a 3,768 sq. ft., 2 bath, 3 bdrm ranch. Now MLS® $299,000 – Drastic Price Reduction.

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There’s been discussion among professionals in the real estate business for years now regarding the value of holding open houses. The National Association of REALTORS® conducted a survey last year that revealed 80 percent of buyers used the Internet for property searches, but only 42 percent visited open houses. What gives, and are open houses a waste of everyone’s time?

The answer varies according to whom you ask, and there are good arguments on both sides. Some agents feel that truly serious buyers do their searching well in advance, and choose to make appointments to see the homes that really excite them.

Other agents have learned that buyers enjoy the freedom of seeing properties without an appointment and without the company of a representative when they visit. Sellers, on the other hand, sometimes expect agents to host open houses to show that they’re working hard for their compensation.

Real estate agents often begin developing relationships with buyers through open houses. By learning the needs of particular buyers at an open house, the agent may be able to direct those buyers to another home that’s better suited to their needs – perhaps yours!

In a nutshell, both sides can be equally argued, but the sale of your home is as unique as you are. Discuss the potential benefits and deterrents of an open house with your agent.

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Lot / Land For Sale in Sewalls Point

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Custom Estate Home Plans Included

• lot / land “.66 Acres” – MLS® $675,000 – Land with Water Views
Sewalls Point, Sewall’s Point – Located in the prestigious Castle Hill subdivision of Sewall’s Point, this oversized .66 acre residential lot only feet away from the wide Saint Lucie River is available for your dream home. Potential wide water views from a two story home. Complete building plans included for a 6800 sq ft(4553 AC sq ft) home designed by M.A. Corson – Architect. Castle Hill is one of the premier neighborhoods in Stuart, Florida and Martin County with great “A” rated schools and easy access to the beaches, recreational areas and shopping.


Larger home inventories coupled with tougher financing requirements have made it difficult for both sellers and buyers to achieve their respective goals. In the search for creative solutions, one has recently begun catching on – Rent To Own.

The advantage for buyers is that a portion of your rent payment is put into an escrow account to be used eventually for down payment on a traditional loan. You can begin building equity before you’ve even applied for financing! If your credit is less than perfect or you simply haven’t the funds available for a significant down payment, this could be a great opportunity.

Sellers also benefit from receiving income from the tenants and the likelihood that they will eventually purchase the home outright. However, caution must be exercised, and you can protect yourself by seeking the advice and services of a real estate agent. Many agents can even manage the property for you.

Consider who will maintain the property and what percentage of the rent will go towards the down payment. What will happen if one party wants to back out of the deal or if the renters don’t eventually qualify for financing?

These are just a handful of the questions and concerns associated with this otherwise mutually beneficial arrangement. If you’re facing challenges as a buyer or seller, consult with us today to discuss the possibilities.

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While many areas around the country are experiencing a “buyer’s market,” you need to exercise caution when offering to purchase at far below asking price. Bargaining is indeed an art, and the last thing you want to do is to insult the sellers.

An unreasonably low offer risks angering the sellers to the point where they won’t even make a counter-offer and will not entertain additional offers from you. In general, an offer more than 10% below asking price is not customary and faces possible rejection, but there are ways to proceed with respect when you feel that a lower offer is substantiated.

Sit down with your realtor and look at the comparable sales in the neighborhood and area to see if the asking price is in fact justified. Then make a list of reasons to share with the seller about why your offer is less than asking price; or, strongly consider negotiating other terms of the purchase, such as closing costs or repairs. A reduction on those aspects can still yield great savings.

During the negotiation process it is best if you do not interact with the sellers and let your professional handle all negotiations. Should you find yourself in the presence of the sellers, kindly exhibit proper etiquette and respect. Consult with your Realtor before any meeting to make sure you’re both on the same page.

Ultimately, the best way to make your offer with confidence is to realize that there are many attractive homes for sale in your price range. If a seller rejects your offer outright, avail yourself of the other suitable properties on the well-prepared list of possibilities provided by your Realtor.

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