Sellers face any number of challenges, but what if you’re in the position of listing a modest home in what has become an “upper-end” community? You might not expect to fetch a selling price that compares to the McMansions that have popped up, but you might be surprised to learn that, if presented and marketed properly, you could get even more on a per square foot basis.

Most critical to selling success is pricing your home very carefully. Shooting for the moon at the outset can spell disaster later. The longer your home remains on the market, the more it will be perceived as “stale inventory” unworthy of consideration. Remember that you could be at a real advantage if you price your home fairly against pricey competition.

On the exterior, strongly consider employing a landscaper to bring your property up to par. First impressions still count! On the interior, pay attention to details. Finishes, paint colors, and wallpaper all contribute to the perceived style of your home. Hardwood flooring is a great barometer of your good taste, and is a highly desired feature among upper-end buyers.

A more modest home in an upscale area will naturally draw attention because of its perceived value as compared to the competition. With proper pricing, a positive attitude, and our professional representation, you’ve got the best chance to get a good price!

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What type of contract should you use for your sale/purchase?

In Florida, we have two basic types of contracts that are used almost universally. They are the ‘Standard’ and the ‘As-Is’ contract. The biggest difference in the two types of contracts is that the standard contract has built in settlement provisions for repairs and/or wood destroying organisms (WDO), while the as is contract does not.

Most sellers seem to like the As-Is contract as they feel that there will not be any surprise problems or reductions in price if an inspection discovers any possible problems. Unfortunately they couldn’t be more wrong. Whether there are problems or not during the inspection, the buyer has the right to negotiate what he wants for repairs or just cancel the contract all together for no reason whatever. However using the standard contract, a buyer is limited in his options to withdraw from a contract. The Florida standard is a 1.5% allowance for damage and another 1.5% for WDO. (This can be modified in the contract to a smaller or larger value) There are set and specific criteria for these provisions and if the adjustments are under the agreed upon values the buyer is committed to going through with the purchase.

So, in this difficult market, if you are a seller, do you want to give a potential buyer an easy out to possibly save a maximum of 3% of your contract price, when in all likelihood even on the as-is contract these issues will come up and a re-negotiation will possibly decrease the sales price or even jeopardize the sale. Many sellers today are insisting on the as-is contract and I feel they are making a big mistake.

If the buyer submits an as-is offer, it is possible in negotiations to counter with a standard contract. This can make the difference between a successful sale or an exercise in futility. The negotiations can get complicated and the advice of a professional is highly recommended.

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