Some financial experts have labeled 2007’s market as the “roulette economy.” As we all know, whatever goes up must come down, but the nice thing about real estate is that whatever goes down always comes back upward again (much like stocks work).

On the Treasure Coast of Florida, a healthier market is anticipated in 2008, as Wall Street cleans up the lending mess and the pressure cooker of home demand releases its top. While the national average of home prices declined between one and five percent in 2007, that’s peanuts compared to how much homes appreciated in the previous years. And many markets are appreciating still.

Keep in mind that “national” statistics for real estate mean about as much as a forecasted high temperature for the entire nation. Consumers get skittish when they hear that 40% of foreclosures are due to doubtful subprime loans, but it’s important to put that in perspective, because those loans only constitute about 10% of all mortgages.

As the lending industry stabilizes and interest rates rise only slightly, buyers who are ready to purchase will discover that housing is still the best investment out there. As your real estate agents, we can monitor new listings, selling times and final sales prices, and then advise you when conditions are right to either buy or sell. 2008 should be a year of opportunity in the real estate industry.

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